The Rotary Club of Snellville has been an active supporter of this Georgia Rotary Student Program since its inception with Dennis Still serving as Chairman of the 1991 Georgia Rotary Student Program Conclave held in Gwinnett County.

The Club has actively supported the Georgia Rotary Student Program Endowment Fund having nineteen persons who have been named Will Watt Fellows, four persons having been named Hue Thomas, Jr. Fellows, one Kendall Welsiger Fellow, in 1995 the Dennis Still GRSP Named Scholarship fund was established, and in 2000 the Brad Kendall GRSP Named Scholarship fund was established.

Dennis Still was a Line Trustee of the Georgia Rotary Student Program from 1992 to 1996, District 6910 GRSP Vice Chair 1996 to 1999 and beginning in 1999 First Vice Chair of GRSP.

Beth Sikes was named the first female Line Trustee of the Georgia Rotary Student Program in 1996, Executive Trustee, 1999 and in 2002, she was elected GRSP District Chair for 6910.

All club members are sustaining members of GRSP Endowment and several have reached the level of Will Watt Fellows, Hue Thomas Fellow and Henry Weisiger and Ronnie Waller Fellow. The Club has co-sponsored a student who has studied at the University of Georgia in each year as follows: 

            1991-1992       Miss Anna-Lise Boyer - Paris, France;

            1992-1993       Miss Michelle N. Bejarano - Guayaquil, Equador;

            1993-1994       Miss Leontien Barends - Steenburgen, Netherlands;

            1994-1995       Miss Outi Tiilikainen - Espoo, Finland;

            1995-1996       Mr. Jose Moya Rucavado - San Jose, Costa Rica;

            1996-1997       Miss Seda Tokcan - Istanbul, Turkey

            1997-1998       Miss Mariajose Agurcia - Tegucigalpa, Honduras

            1998-1999       Miss Benedikte Doeskeland - Nestun, Norway

            1999-2000       Mr. Pable Miquel Troccoli - Buenos Aires, Argentina

            2000-2001       Miss Krista S. Mattila - Dresden, Finland

            2001-2002       Miss Cristiane M. Motta - Campinas, Brazil

            2002-2003       Miss Vanessa Molinaries - Columbia

            2003-2004       Miss Monica Ochoa - Medellin, Columbia

            2004-2005       Miss Helen Westman - Reso, Sweden

            2005-2006       Miss Susana Ochoa - Medellin, Columbia

            2006-2007       Miss Anna Bencze - Budapest, Hungary

            2007-2008       Miss Marie Livingston - New Zealand

            2008-2009       Mr. Mads Ohlenschlager - Denmark

            2009-2010       Ms. Monia Azvada - Brazil

            2010-2011       Mr. Peter Hutyan - Hungary

            2011-2012       Ms. Nino Goguadze - Republic of Georgia

            2012-2013       Mr. Casper Tolstrup - Denmark

            2013-2014       Mr. Ali Shahid - Pakistan

            2014-2015       Mr. Mate Kun - Hungary

            2015-2016       Ms. Andrea S. - Iceland

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